Learn Science & Mathematics  by visualizing and experimenting using Our Scientifically accurate Online Simulation Lab.


Our Course Offerings

ZSL supports all students through planned, stress free, and differentiated pathways. 

There are a number of options that you can take to apply our immersive capabilities to your teaching and learning.

We can help you to use our pre-existing immersive tools that visualize and contextualize Science and Mathematical concepts.


ZSL Academic Accelerator Programs ( Aligned to Academic Curriculum

Grades 9, X, XI & XII )


With ZSL Academic Accelerator Programs students will always be engaged and empowered to learn, because ZSL offers a variety of interactive content that works as concept builders and also enable higher-level thinking.

ZSL Advanced Explorer  Program (Including & Beyond Academic Curriculum for the Grades 9, X, XI & XII)


With ZSL Advanced Explorer programs ,  highest-performing students will always be engaged and empowered to learn, because Students with accelerated learning requirements will have additional in-depth concept builders and also the freedom to explore further..

ZSL Mentorship Intensive Learning ( Specialized & Customized Curriculum for Graduates )

Online Mentorship PRogram

With ZSL Mentorship Intensive Learning program, students will get an opportunity to pursue advanced science and mathematics learning with the latest technological lab environment and every student will be guided by a dedicated ZSL Mentor

Pythagoras’s Theorem

Learn and EXPERIMENT From Home

Online Learning Platform

Zerosciencelab brings maths and science to life in an interactive way, with 3D simulations available on web, mobile app and virtual reality. It is readily available globally for secondary education and is currently being developed for major universities across globe.   

ZSL is:   

  • Highly Visual to embed good mental models
  • Interactive to make learning more engaging
  • Science in context that is relevant to leaners
  • Built on data driven simulations to reduce misconceptions