Interactive Simulation based Activity Platform for

Mathematics , Physics and Chemistry

for Classes 8-10

Mathematical Visual Tools & Activities

Visual Mathematical Learning Activites for Every Acaemic Concept

Physics Simulated Experiments

Physics Labs & Aids Designed With Simulated Interactive Expermental Labs

Chemistry Simulated Experiments

Chemistry Labs & Aids Designed With Simulated Interactive Expermental Labs

About Us

ZEROSCIENCELAB is developed and managed by EDZ ONE INTERNATIONAL, a global education technology solution provider started in 2020. Our company’s product roadmap is based upon our customers’ expediency, which is why we maintain the stellar position in the sector, with an extensive range of contented clientele.

What We Offer

ZSL + eClassroom


Live Class Streaming

Smart Class Scheduler

Student Content Library Management

Real Time Notifications

Student Activity Review & Grading

Instant Report Generation

Exam Center with Automated Grading

Classroom in Mobile

Value add for your School

How ?

Boast Institutional Branding

ZSL is an innovative concept that could be a great branding resource for the institutions to promote contemporary learning strategies.

Boast Parents Satisfaction

Parents concerns’ regarding their child performance could be well settled with ZSL as it enhances their learning competencies

Boosts Student Engagement

A research study has proven that students gain more retention and engagement in simulation-based learning. Hence, ZSL could be a boon to your institutions.

Reduces Non-Teaching Hours for Educators

It has been widely observed that educators often get involved with non- teaching activities which affects their teaching hours. With ZSL educators can easily get tailor made solutions for creating assessment sheets and performance charts of the students.

Instant reports leads to better management decisions

Student-wise grading and class-wise reports can be obtained easily through instant reports generation tools for the administrators use with ZSL

Identify and encourage students with scientific interest

The students having scientific bent of mind could be identified with ZSL activity based learning modules. It further helps in creating interest of the students in science and mathematics


Boosts your school Brand ?

  • Ready to use Activities, with easy Grading process helps teachers to explain complex concepts easily
  • Measurable Student Engagement, helps management for better decision making
  • Engaged interactive learning using advanced learning tools improves Student satisfaction, and hence parents
  • Scientific thought process develops from the school level, which ultimately boosts your school brand