Physics & Chemistry

Technology behind our Simulated computational models, based on scientific first principles, make the science learning visual and explorable. Students can peer into the details of chemical reactions, manipulate the unseeable world of genes and DNA, compress centuries into seconds to unlock evolution’s gradual mysteries, or watch Earth’s plates create massive landforms

Visual Mathematics

Effective teaching and deep learning require student engagement with content both inside& outside the classroom. Our ZSL platform aims to share effective, evidence-based practices instructors can use to facilitate meaningful learning for students of maths. The key components of  our  Virtual platform should be online delivery, active participation, and relevant, engaging content

About us

ZEROSCIENCELAB’s Mission & Vision

ZeroScienceLab was founded in 2019 with a vision to bridge the gap between scientific education, research and enterprise. Our computational platform, based on scientific principles, makes student’s learning more engaging, exciting and explorable. Students can peer into the details of complex mathematical equations, chemical reactions and physical phenomenons. From our groundbreaking simulation workbench to highly interactive eClassroom platform, we’ve been creating scientifically accurate simulation labs for academic and research institutions.

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