ZSL eClassroom Features

Zerosciencelab provides a complete working online eClassroom platform for academic institutions, that will allow Institutional owners to Schedule and deliver ZSL experiemental contents in different modes such as  live Streaming ,  Self paced learning content, Home / Class activity projects and Test/assessment.

ZSL eClassroom Functional features

Manages Classes

Manages Batches

Manages Tutors/Educators

Manages Students

Manages Course Curriculam

Manages Class Schedules

Manages Student/Class Reports

Manages Parent/Student Communications

Manages Class Students

Manages Course Content

Manages Q & A with Students

Manages Live Classes

Manages Examinations

Manages Student Progress Report

Manages Activity Review/Grading

Allows students to Join Live Classes

Allows students Submit Class/Home Projects

Allows Q & A with Teacher

Allows students to attempt Online Wrtitten/Objective Exams

Allows access to Course Content

Allows access to regular Progress Report

Allows access Class Recording

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