The Following is a simple formation using a total of 8 points. The point here is the structure we see when the points are mocing. Does the structure we see really exists?

If you think yes the structure exists, then look at each point by closing all other points and then identify how the structure is really formed. Plenty of such math interactives are used in our courses.

Reflection and refraction occur when the wave speed changes as it enters a new medium. Part of the wave refracts into the new medium, and part of the wave reflects back into the old medium. Play with the following interactives, create your own and share with your friends and others.

Learning Science through Computing

Learning Science through Computing

Welcome to ZEROSCIENCELAB’s world!!!

Everybody agrees that learning is a lifelong process. It should not stop but may be passed for a while. With regards to science education in our country, everybody is pouring a lot of information into the minds of the students without giving them a chance to apply their thoughts and analyze it, thereby reducing their understanding of the underlying laws and nature.

We are missing another important factor i.e. logical reasoning by way of training the student always write answers for a particular set of questions framed by the teachers. To fill these gaps we are trying to integrate technology into the present curriculum.

Most of the content we are planning is interactive in nature coupled with guiding questions, homework, and collaborative tools encouraging the kids to explore by interaction and present their observations through collaboration. One such technology we are adopting is computing on multiple levels.

Here are some simple tools that we use and build our interactions while learning

And once again, our motto is to make you fall in love with mathematics and science.

Thank you